For MEGAWEBB Nordic AB to be able to meet the customer's expectations regarding both delivery time and the final result, the customer is responsible for the following:

Delivery of alternative assistance in the work of delivering the necessary information for pointing your domain name. The customer must appoint a contact person who is responsible for the project. This person must have the right to represent the company and carry out any commitments.

The customer is responsible for producing and submitting text and image material for the company's new website. The project involves ongoing reconciliations with the contact person. It is, therefore, important that they set aside time to be available by phone and email.



MEGAWEBB Nordic AB takes no responsibility for delivery delays that are due to circumstances at the customer's or third party's disposal. Furthermore, we cannot provide any guarantees for any third-party software code or software product used on the website. If the customer is unable to provide the necessary contact details for moving their existing domain and email, MEGAWEBB Nordic AB provides the customer with an alternative domain at no extra cost to ensure that delivery of the website can take place in accordance with the agreement.



MEGAWEBB Nordic AB reserves the right not to publish or to remove websites that contain goods and services of a pornographic or other offensive nature. The same applies to the sale of goods and services on the website that contravenes Swedish or international law.



MEGAWEBB Nordic AB takes no responsibility for the material published on the website. It is up to the client to ensure that no text or image material is published without permission from the copyright holder.



The subscription fee is invoiced annually in advance unless otherwise agreed above. The ongoing subscription includes the operation of the website and telephone support for the cms tool. The subscription starts on the scheduled delivery date. The agreement is valid for 12 months from the customer's approval with a mutual notice period of 3 months. In the absence of written notice, the agreement is extended by 12 months at a time. Invoicing takes place within 30 days net at the scheduled delivery date. 25% value-added tax (VAT) is added to all prices.



The agreement includes free support where MEGAWEBB Nordic AB's staff during regular opening hours, answers user questions regarding the cms tool and its function. If the customer wishes to receive practical help from a technician for updating text or image material for the customer, this will be charged per starting hour at SEK 695 excl. VAT. Furthermore, MEGAWEBB Nordic AB is responsible for providing access to webmail as well as the necessary information for the customer to be able to activate their email in various local mail clients. If the customer wishes to receive help with the actual installation in their local email client, this will be charged per hour starting at SEK 695 excl. VAT



In accordance with good business practice, MEGAWEBB Nordic AB does not perform additional work and does not invoice additional costs before the customer has been informed that the work entails a cost and the customer has accepted this cost. Unless otherwise agreed above, the extra time and additional orders that fall outside the scope of the agreement are charged at SEK 695 excl. VAT per hour started, alternatively per quotation.



MEGAWEBB Nordic AB can purchase image material for the customer from the image agency istockphoto.com, for an additional fee per image. The cost supplement must be approved by the client before the image material is purchased.



All text and image material belongs to the company and will be released upon request by MEGAWEBB Nordic AB to the client upon termination of the agreement.



Additions and changes to this agreement must be made in writing.



Disputes arising from this agreement must be resolved by a Swedish general court with the application of Swedish legislation. The Gothenburg District Court shall be the first instance.

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